CBD+THC Infused Organic Avocado Oil (Price starts at $60)

CBD+THC Infused Organic Avocado Oil (Price starts at $60)


Our Organic Avocado Oil is high in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E. It has clean, mild flavor with just a hint of nuttiness. It is made with a unique  combination of high quality avocados and full spectrum distillate. It will feel smooth and light in texture. Avocados are cold pressed , unrefined and extracted without the use of chemicals. This Avocado oil comes infused with CBD that contains up to 0.03% THC.



Great for stir-fry dishes

Use it as a marinade for grilling meat

Drizzle it over vegetables before roasting

Perfect for high heat cooking & baking

Smoke Point of 500°F/260°C

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